Does Your Online Marketing Strategy Include Social Media?

Social Networking has been around forever and has been used for many years without even thinking about the possibilities that it can offer. Networks of people make things happen, from finding jobs, making friends, to finding the perfect place to live and even meeting your future soul mate.

Recently, the fundamentals of networking have transitioned to an Online Social Media Marketing presence on the Internet. Online Networking is a concept that connects people together on a global social media community sharing valuable benefits and information with each other. Within your social networking community you are building relationships and trust. You are simply inviting others to step into your social media world and become your friend.

Social Media Marketing creates web site promotion by driving target traffic to your social media channels after you have connected with comments, conversations, sharing content, videos, articles and blogs, etc. You will ATTRACT followers if you add valuable information and solutions for others without “pitching” your deal or promoting your business. Gathering your friends and their friends creates your community network for free.

Google recently purchased You Tube and loves Web.2.0 Marketing! Think about this…Google is the most powerful catalysts for Social Media Marketing. You can get Google ranking with HOT keywords in the titles of your online marketing for free.

Go ahead and create your social media channels: You Tube, Facebook, My Space and Twitter to name a few. These are all free accounts where you can network with strangers that become your friends, share your stories and ideas within your community of trust and integrity. Building a social media profile is essential for your viewers to connect with who you are. Real people have real stories! The initial investment of time will be well spent when you have established a valuable web presence.

Also, visibility and participation are relevant to ATTRACT your social networking community. Choose only 2 or 3 Web 2.0 sites in the beginning because it is important to be active on your social media channels to build strong relationships with others. Regular attention is essential if you want to inspire and influence within your social media community.

In a nutshell, understanding these basic concepts are CRUCIAL factors that you must remember if you want to establish integrity and drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. Think of your Social Network as your Post Office Box, mail goes out and mail comes in. Isn’t it annoying when you receive tons of junk mail?

We have just defined a beginners guide to Social Media Marketing.