5 Tips to Stop Your Computer Running Slowly and Speed it Right Up

If your computer is starting to run slow and lags in the middle of an application or even when rebooting, then you should take steps in repairing your poor performance. Below are tips to improve your computers speed and performance and stop your computer running slowly.

First of all, you should know that all information that you save and create is kept in the windows registry of your computer. As you save more files to your computer, they are also stacking up in the windows registry and eventually problems occur.

This will result in registry errors and will make your computer run slowly. In addition, if you install any old programs, out of date programs or if you are tricked into installing malicious software this could also lead to registry errors.

#1 Remove the malware in your computer, like adware and spyware. If these programs are present in your computer they will interfere with the proper functioning of your PC. Moreover, these programs also change some values in your registry that results in errors. One way of removing these programs is to use your anti spyware that is found in your computer. It will automatically scan for these programs and gives you the option of deleting them.

#2 Keep your hard disc from being overloaded with files that you do not need or use only once. Delete those old files so that there will always be a lot of free space in computer.

#3 You should regularly defragment your hard disc. This means that your computer automatically rearranges files that are not in their proper order. This will result in your computer accessing the files faster and running faster.

#4 When you are using your computer do not open a lot of programs and applications simultaneously. This will cause your computer to use a lot of memory and slow right down.

#5 To keep your registry in good shape and your computer running fast and free of errors and malware you should download a free registry scanner. This automatically scans and finds unneeded files in the registry, errors and corruption and any malicious entries. You can then fix this and stop your computer running slowly right away.