Creative Web Design and Mobile App Development: A Deadly Combination

There was a time when the priority of a good seller was to stock quality products. Now, things are different after the emergence of e-shopping. Now, it is marketing which has attained top priority. Of course, one cannot survive for long by selling counterfeit products, irrespective of the vigorous style of marketing. But as long as your products and services are of an acceptable quality, they will sell well only if they are marketed well and they will lie unsold if they are ill-marketed. Strategic marketing stems from creative web designs. Web design geniuses have jumped on the stage. Now is the time for them to shower you with their tricks and magic. Excellent design can take your site to meteoric heights. On the other hand, if the site is ill-equipped to take the load of mass surfers, it will crash occasionally. It can be quite a turn-off even for your most loyal customers.

Web designing is not solely gift-wrapping the site as many assume it to be. Most people unfortunately suffer from the notion that web design translates into a deluge of graphics and animations. Flying butterflies and musical invites are passé. Now, they don’t create a buzz amongst internet-smart people anymore. Besides, web designing is more about optimizing than about visual presentation. A site which has been aptly designed will have the right volume of codes. It will be able to ensure the load just in case it is accessed by hundreds of people at a time. It will not crash or at least it won’t crash easily. It will upload in a fraction of a second. Something that is a big turn-off in today’s time-strapped age is a slow site. If your site takes more than five seconds to get loaded, it is time that you consult a web design expert. Ignorance on your part will drive away your readers and will lower your page rank further.

There is another new development in the world of internet and e-marketing today. Mobile phones have suddenly gained the significance nobody thought they would. People tend to access the internet or just toy with their phone almost anytime and every time. So, when they are traveling and there is nothing much to do, they will just randomly flip through apps and games. This has started the happy story of mobile app development.

Now, all the big businesses mandatorily have their personal mobile apps. Even the small businesses are going for it. It does not take much money to get an app built. The rewards, on the other hand, are excellent. It is a smart way to let people know of your existence and also to remind them of any developments in your business. If you have fresh deals or plans, the quickest way to convey the message across is through the mobile phone.

So, most businesses are finding it viable to opt for mobile app development. It is quite affordable and can be conducted by tech specialists. In the near future, its significance is only going to grow.


HTC Have Put A Lot of Time and Effort Into the Desire, But Was it Worth It?

This new addition to the HTC roster is the Desire, much like the Legend, it has an Android operating system and benefits from the HTC Sense user interface. It is a little bigger and more powerful than the Legend and it has a mammoth 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen. Within the Desire’s casing is an in-built digital camera, a G Sensor and Proximity Sensor for movement response and a handy set of dedicated social networking features.

The phones dimensions are 119 x 60 x 11.9 and it weighs 135 grams, it feels nice to handle, it comfortably fits in the palm of your hand and with its weight you get the feel of quality and reliability. Its capacitive touch screen is both colourful and responsive with its WVGA display and pinch and zoom functionality and the device comes fully equipped with a 5 mega pixel camera, it is capable of widescreen image capture, the face detection feature offers good support and a geo-tagging feature has been installed enabling you to pin-point image locations.

HTC have given the Desire the intuitive HTC Sense overlay and they are running the phone with the Android 2.1 operating system, combine these with its potent 1GHz processor and you have real technological powerhouse at your disposal! The Desire is highly capable of speedy internet connections with 3G connections offering up to 7.2 Mbps and Wi-Fi for local wireless hotspot connectivity. The browsers interface is receptive and delivers a pleasurable browsing experience with its clever pinch and zoom feature and built-in accelerometer for a wider view of web pages, there are seamless links between sites and pages thanks to the raw power of the Desire and the pages themselves are rendered in great detail. There are dedicated social networking apps to help you manage your social life; Facebook has its own committed application where Twitter is managed through HTC Peep. Photo share is possible with links to Facebook and Twitter, and video share is promising with YouTube integration. The phone has full e-mail compatibility and allows you to handle your personal and business accounts on the go. So the Desire has both web connectivity and social network integration and messaging well covered, but what about entertainment?

The HTC Desire has a very usable Multimedia player pre-installed; it can play a huge variety of audio and video file types including mp3 and mp4. Sound clarity is of a very high standard from low to high frequencies, the bass sounds deep and clear and the mid and high sound comes through very smoothly with no sign of crackle, this sound is carried just as well through the 3.5mm jack for personal listening through your headphones. The video quality is no less than spectacular which is not surprising of a phone of this calibre; the huge WVGA display delivers a high class performance throughout playback in high resolution. There is plenty of memory support for media files and such, the Desire is accompanied by a microSD slot which can eat up as much as 32GB of external storage. There is a built-in FM Radio so you can hear your favourite radio shows or keep up to date with traffic reports and to finish up there is enhanced Bluetooth technology for wireless data transfer or wireless headset use and the phones built in G-Sensor can detect whether the phone has been picked up or not and adjust the ringer volume accordingly, it mutes the sound when placed face down.

In short, the HTC Desire is a masterful piece of engineering; it looks good, performs superbly. The HTC Desire delivers the best individual user experience on the market and this is supported by the phones customizability. With full access to the Android Market for additional applications, themes and more you have almost limitless options to personalize the device to fit your personality and day-to-day needs. If given the chance, get the HTC Desire.


Why Use Mobile Apps for Your Virtual Events?

Virtual events are gradually becoming popular day by day. Corporate organizations have started hosting a number of virtual meetings, conferences, and seminars in the last one year or so. Even small firms with low employee numbers and limited resources are arranging virtual events to bring together people without any geographical or physical barriers. With the recent advancement in mobile technology, event organizers are making use of powerful apps to add a mobile component to their online events.

Let’s discuss the 3 ways by which mobile applications can add value to your next virtual event.

Mobile Integration with Hybrid Events

I hope you know what hybrid events are – they provide live connections with an online functionality. Now, for people who are planning to host a hybrid event, it is worth developing a mobile app to stay connected with the attendees and leads to access quick response and reactions.

Many event planners are using various mobile apps to send their event details and registration information on the mobile device of potential registrants. Using a mobile app, you can easily transfer the registration link of your upcoming tradeshow to your potential attendees Smartphone or such other mobile gadgets. Additionally, you can keep all the customers updated about your series of virtual events and activities as well as converse and engage them in the day-to-day business dealings via mobile apps. These apps can help you to increase your event attendance, sponsorship, and revenues easily and at a much faster pace.

Access Data from Any Location

Many organizations are using mobile apps to let their target audience read and sign up for an event anytime and from any remote location. You can invite your contacts to participate in a virtual meeting as well as send online survey forms post-event using a mobile device. In addition to a desktop computer, you can allow people to view, browse, and register for an event on spot by taking the help of mobile apps.

Add Value to Your Events

Devices such as iPhones, Smartphone’s, iPads, and tablet PCs can deliver a more satisfying experience with a customized mobile app. Websites that are specifically designed to be viewed on a 14 inch desktop computer screen will not look as good or function as well on a Smartphone. In addition to offering great visibility and usability, a customized mobile app can help in achieving outstanding results in location-based searches, connectivity, and easy social networking integration within a small span of time.