Reasons Why A Lot Of People Are Crazy Over The Latest Mobile Phone Models

Some people change their mobile phones almost as often as they buy shoes. It’s not an exaggeration! There are really those who are so caught up with the mobile phone trend that they cannot resist buying the next, latest model that comes rolling off the production lines. While this may sound impractical, we can’t really blame them. There are units that are so impressive that they can even compete with laptop computers. Take the case of the iPhone. Who wouldn’t want to own one if you just had the budget for it? This amazing addition to the mobile phone industry bowled over all the competition when it first launched. So what makes it so special and in demand? Let’s try to find out!

For those who don’t own iPhones yet, it may still come as a surprise why there are those who literally go crazy over these gadgets. However, if you examine the unique features of the phone, then you might also change your mind. One of the most impressive features of this unit is its ultrafast wireless connection that doesn’t drain the life out of the battery. This means that you can connect to the world wide web just as conveniently or even more so as using your laptop. The wide screen resolution of the phone makes browsing a joy as well. Of course, there are some websites that can’t be viewed as effectively as using your wider screen laptop, but that’s not really such a huge setback.

Perhaps one of the biggest add-ons that catapulted the iPhone to fame is the huge number of apps that you can run on it. Take for example social media networking. You can browse the usual social networking giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler on your unit. You can also utilize most of the site features, especially photo sharing. This is where Instagram got really huge. This also brings us to the next amazing feature of the iPhone which is the camera. It’s definitely no point-and-shoot! Actually, the newer version of the unit now has what has been dubbed as the iSight. It is a high-quality, high resolution camera that can allow you to snap more shots without sacrificing image clarity. It also comes with enhanced high-definition video recorder.

Thirdly, this is one gadget that gamers also absolutely love. While it is not really a gaming console, you can still run a number of really good games on it thanks to the new chip that enables faster CPU performance. You also get better graphics that any other smartphone. Last but definitely not the least, music lovers now wonder how they could have survived before without this device. The enhanced audio features on the unit allow for producing quality sound that is literally as clear as a bell. Combined with the speedy wireless connection, it’s pure music heaven as you download the latest tracks, chart-busting hits, movie themes, dance mixes, all-time greats and more. So would you say that this gadget is worthwhile investment? With all that it can do and so much more, then we would most likely say yes!


How to Use WordPress on the Go Through Mobile Devices

I remember, a few years ago, reading a post by a prominent blogger and SEO expert about “mobile blogging”. He had a “blogging box” which allowed him to blog wherever he was (which I thought was a bit stupid and pretentious). It included a digital camera, a laptop with a 3G modem, a notepad and pen, and various other bits and pieces. The whole lot just about fit in a suitcase.

Thankfully, things have moved on a little bit, and we now have WordPress apps for iPhone/iPad and Android. Both apps are now in around version 2.0, and compatible with more or less recent versions of WordPress. That being said, make sure you check which version of WordPress you need to be running in order to access your dashboard via mobile.

Blogging vs Microblogging

Obviously, your main limitation when using a mobile phone for blogging is the fact that everything is just a little bit more of a pain. You can’t type as fast, upload as many pictures, format as well, or do a few advanced things. You can do just about anything you need, but it’s a little bit more cumbersome.

That being said, the way forward is clearly microblogging. By microblogging I don’t mean a twitter-esque update. I just mean a bare-bones post, with a picture and some commentary that you thought of while you were away from your laptop and a wi-fi connection.

What this enables you to do, amongst other things, is live-blog events and things that happen. If you spot something exciting, you can take a photo or a video of it and put it on your blog before you even get home. If you’re in the business of breaking news, this can be invaluable.

Obviously, if you have an iPad 3G, that’s basically the same as having your laptop with you, so you don’t need to worry about keeping it short and sweet.

How to Use WordPress on a Mobile Device

There are actually a number of different WordPress applications, but I recommend WordPress for iOS if you’re using an iPhone/iPad, or the WordPress Mobile Pack if you’re running Android. Setting either up is fairly self-explanatory, but here are a few things you will want to do first:

1. Download the app and read the documentation! The reason you do this is to see which version of WordPress your app is compatible with.

2. Make sure you’re running the right version of WordPress on your blog. Not doing so will result in errors if you have the most updated version of WordPress, as most mobile WordPress apps are a few versions behind.

3. Once you’ve installed the app, log in to your WordPress back-end and allow it to push to your phone. This will let you do things like approve comments quickly, and post without having to go through the login every time.